Announcing - 2017 USHA Late Summer Fall Freeride Video Competition

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Announcing - 2017 USHA Late Summer Fall Freeride Video Competition

Beitrag von h o t » Di 5. Sep 2017, 09:07

Share your fun on the water with others around the world and enter the 2017 Late Summer / Fall “Freeride” Video Competition! You just go out and ride – capture your run and fun on a video and send it via Email or web transfer. You don’t even need to travel.
Taking videos helps a lot to improve your riding and also helps other riders to get into tricks and helps to promote your sport!

The US Hydrofoil Association is holding a 2017 Freeride Competition, with entries submitted on video. This Competition is in late summer / fall this year. It allows all members to compete against other riders of similar skill levels, but does not require traveling.
2017 USHA Freeride Video Competitions will count into overall ranking this year!

1) Ride time is up to 150 seconds + extra time for turns - you can du any trick - we take best 10 tricks during timelimit into account
2) Cash prize of $70 to 1st place and $30 to second place for each division containing 4 or more riders.
3) Cost: $25 per rider submitted via email or internet file share. All entry fees will go toward prize money.

Deadline to Register:
You must be an active member of USHA as of Nov 19, 2017. You can join as supporting, grassroot.
Online registration shall be completed by Oct 29, 2017. Videos will be sent by Nov 19, 2017. The rides must take place between June 1, 2017 and Nov 12, 2017.

Registration Payment:
Online registration shall be completed by Oct 29, 2017 -

Video Competition Rules:
Please be familiar with specific video competition rules. You get extra time for turns.
You simply ride your best to impress.

Video Upload:
All videos can be submitted by via internet file share like (free service) or e-mail to

Scoring and Division:
The USHA 2017 Freeride Video Competition is considered a single round Freeride event.
The Event will split in same devision we used at Nationals 2017 (Novice/Intermediate, Advanced/Open, Outlaw/Pro). Some riders may know there division.
The basic splitting will depend on trick levels and air (frames).
If you are unsure you will fit into a division just send your video you will be placed.

USHA Ranking:
The video competition counts toward the 2017 rankings

Please email:

Enjoy the lake!
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